Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween, David's Birthday and Big D and G Visit

We had a really fun Halloween this year! David got so into it. He was amazed he could run from house to house and get candy! He was in shock the first few houses we went to. We had to empty his bag halfway through to lighten his load. He was dragging it at one point on the sidewalk. We had a great night trick-or-treating with some friends. 
We started off Halloween morning at Presley's school parade.

 Ready to trick-or-treat
 All my pictures from trick-or-treating are blurry because they jetted from house to house
 Checking out their loot
 The next day, I took Presley to a bowling birthday party with her friends.
 D and G came in town that night and we got ready for David's birthday party on Sunday.
Trying on his outfit for the party courtesy of Sam and Mark.
 Loving his new chair from D and G.
Fixing everything!!
 Setting up for the party.
 Anna got a giant Olaf from Sam and Mark that she LOVES!
 Party time!!
 "dirt" cupcakes
 Construction man in action- hammering and sawing
 Getting ready to crash into the tower
 Thankfully, no one got hurt. David loved this and continues to crash into the tower. He was jumping up and down each time. I'm so glad he loved the games! 
 Watching everyone sing to him.
 D and G got to come to Presley's award ceremony where she received a medal for perfect attendance the first quarter. We are so proud of her for all she's already accomplished at school. She's having a GREAT year!
 G read lots of books to Anna.
 D and G got to have lunch with Presley Monday and Tuesday.
We opened the Smith Family gifts Monday night. He was so into his birthday this year and I loved it! He sang Happy Birthday to David all day! He loved all his presents and was very meticulous about how he unwrapped his presents.
Loves paw patrol right now.
 Loves his new light saber from D and G.
 We took cupcakes to his school to celebrate with his school friends. He was so cute and excited to see us in his classroom.
 Love my sweet man! 
 D and G took the kids for a starbucks treat that afternoon. 
 We had a great visit with G and D and are so glad they made the trip out to our house for David's big celebration!! 
 A few pictures before they hit the road.
 That night, on David's actual birthday, we opened the rest of his family presents. He loves them all and got so excited to open them. Thanks to all our families for celebrating our big man! I can't believe he's 3. He is such a blessing to our family. He's a hilarious, smart, sweet, kind, playful little boy and I love that I get to be his mommy!! You make us so proud, David!! We love you so much!
 After I asked him to hold up one thing, he wanted a picture with every gift he opened.
 If you look closely, you can see his eyes inside the tent... he loved his gift from Rere.