Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! I got to celebrate early that Friday at Presley's classroom Tea. She was excited all week for our tea and all the activities we could do together. They had a cookie decorating station, nail painting station, or make a necklace. First, we made cookies.
Then, David made me a bracelet and Presley made me a necklace. They are both so cute and they worked so hard on them.
My sweet girl!! I couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is. Love her so much!
Anna realized she was not in the picture and that just wouldn't do...
Her class danced to a mom song that was precious. Presley did a great job!
One of Anna's best friends, Heidi.
Sunday morning, Cameron let me sleep in, which was such a treat!! Then, we got dressed for church.
David took some of me and the girls.
Crazy hair Anna bug
We had a great, relaxing rest of the day. Cameron made me a delicious dinner and took care of all the daily chores that day for me.
The next week we've been getting ready for the move. Trying to purge a few things and put aside what we want to take with us. These kids can eat fruit faster than I keep it in the house! They love raspberries right now.
So blessed to be the mommy to these three babies! The time is flying by, but I cherish this blog and all the memories we have made as a family. I can't imagine life without Cameron and our children. I love them so much and am so blessed for each of them and their good health!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Field Trip and Field Day

May is going by so fast! We are having so much fun soaking up the last month living here. 
We took Presley to her well visit. David loved playing I spy in the waiting room. 
 This made me laugh when I saw Presley's worksheet. She spelled leg- layg. Haha, my little southerner.
 They are both so sweet to tell Anna stories before naptime lately. Anna loves it and they both love doing this for her.
 David had a class field trip. In celebration of the Month of the Military Child, they took a walk to the track and learned about PT. Cameron was home that morning and got to be the soldier volunteer to teach the kids about Army PT. It was really sweet and David was honored to have him there. 
 Zoey got a little tired and hitched a ride with Anna in the wagon.
 Taking a water break.
Anna loves David's school. Walking with the two Zoey's.
Stretching with Cameron
 Getting ready to run
 Our little man came in first place! He was so proud of himself!
 Then, we got to play on the playground.
 I took him to the barber shop for a much needed haircut.
 Sweet new haircut.
 Presley left us all love notes one morning at our seats at the dinner table.
 We went over to Zoey's one afternoon for some water play.  The kids had a blast!! We are going to miss these friends so much when we move. We see them almost every afternoon and we always look forward to it.
 We had friends over for dinner while the daddy's were all working one weekend. They had a lasagna picnic then ran around the backyard playing Wolf Wolf. It was a lot of fun. We are blessed with great friends.
 Dressing herself for church one morning in one of my old dresses.
Big man climbing the rock wall at the park.
 My sweet kiddos playing at the park.
 Presley had field day at school. The kids and I went to help out. She had such a fun day. I'm so glad she has made such great friends at school.
 Anna hanging out with her buddy, Heidi.
 Dizzy bat game
 Hula hoop game
 This is David's signature move... see that, mama, that one right there. 
 Attacking daddy when he finally was done with the rotation.
 David fell the other day and scraped right above his lip. Presley made him laugh because she told him he looked like he had a "moostache."