Sunday, April 27, 2014

Presley's Birthday Celebrations!

We had a week of parties to celebrate Presley's 5th birthday! It started on Wednesday at her school. I don't have any pictures, but she got to take Frozen decorated cookies, be the line leader and wear a Hello Kitty birthday badge. She was thrilled and had a great day! Thursday (her actual birthday) she woke up to snowflakes hanging in her room and all downstairs along with her birthday banner I made and other Frozen decorations and signs. Her theme was the Frozen movie this year and she was all about it! I hope it was as magical as she had dreamed!

Thursday I let her pick her activity since she doesn't have school or dance that day. She chose the zoo so we packed up a picnic and headed out. Visiting her wallaby, Monti. He was in a quarantined area one time when we visited and Presley made him a Get Well Card we mailed to the zoo. They in turn sent us a letter from Monti's vet telling us that he is making a good recovery. He sent her a footprint and a picture of himself. Another reason I LOVE this zoo! Presley loves going back to visit him now. 
 Afternoon on her birthday getting ready to open presents. 
 She picked a pizza party that night and I had arranged for the actual pizza truck to make the delivery. This truck is always sitting in the parking lot of the pizza restaurant and we pass this location almost daily when going to our normal errands. The kids always point it out and have loved this truck since we moved here. The owners were so nice to make this dream come true of having the truck come to our house! David was almost more excited than Presley when it pulled up!
 Getting a little help from brother opening presents. 
Elsa Barbie doll from G and D! Top thing on her list this year!
Cool fashion design kit from Meha and Daniel
 New book and kit from Grandmom
 Precious new shirt from Aunt Charelette and Uncle Craig
 G and D got in town early that afternoon. We were so glad they could be here for her birthday!
 G and D took the kids to Build A Bear Friday afternoon. Presley has wanted to make a Palace Pet since she saw they started carrying them in the windows. She made Cinderella's dog and absolutely loves it!
 David was mesmerized by the stuffing process and wasn't quite sure if he wanted to participate at first. He came around and picked out a camo bear he calls "Daddy Bear."
 Thanks, G and D, for this awesome surprise!! They had such a big time at the Mall!!
 So precious running through the mall with his big bear box!
 Saturday morning we took the cog railway up to the top of Pike's Peak. I have wanted to go to the summit of the mountain since we moved here. I'm so glad G and D came with us! It was an incredible experience. The road to the top was really neat and the views the whole way up were beautiful. We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was sunny and we could see the entire horizon, even the mountains reaching into New Mexico and parts of Kansas. Overall, an amazing experience.
 David was so thrilled to be on a choo-choo
 Eating the famous doughnuts at the summit
 Me and David getting blown away at the top

 I knew it would be cold at the top and we brought coats, hats and gloves; but, I was not prepared for the 45-50mph winds! The kids were not amused by the gusting winds so we just snapped this one quick picture before taking them back in the house on top of the summit. The view was amazing.
Getting sleepy on the way down.
 Saturday afternoon we had Presley's birthday party with her friends at her dance studio. It was even better than I had envisioned. The teacher was wonderful, so energetic and ran the whole party. Presley loved dancing and having all her friends there with her. 
 David was hilarious! He stood on his spot and watched the girls dance. 
 This was the moment he had waited for... getting to play with the umbrella prop.
 Our Frozen cake
 Eating cake and ice cream picnic style
 Love that all the little girls are watching presents while the boys are racing cars.
 Sweet Anna looked precious at the party!
 I wish I had gotten a picture of myself with the birthday girl, but here she is dressed up as Anna. 
I love you so much, Presley! I cannot believe you are already 5 years old. I don't know where all that time has gone, but I have loved watching you grow up. You make me so proud! 
Thanks, G and D, for coming in town and spoiling our kids! They love getting to play with you and show you all their friends and activities in Colorado. We all miss you and can't wait to see you again!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Surprise TX Visit

Amelia went into labor last week and the kids and I booked a last minute flight to be there to meet our new nephew! It was an incredible week in Texas and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to be there! Fox is the sweetest little baby and we love him so much! Can't wait to watch him grow up!
While we weren't playing with baby Fox, we had a lot of fun catching up with all our family in Texas, too. The kids had a ball playing with their cousins and having slumber parties. The day we flew in, Nick picked us up from the airport and took us straight to the hospital to see everyone and surprise my parents and Amelia and Daniel. The kids had a slumber party that night while Emily and I stayed up at the hospital with Amelia.  We ended up staying for 10 days and had a blast!
David loved playing on their swingset and in their back yard.
 Meeting sweet baby Fox
 Sweet cousins, sharing food with each other!
We had a lot of fun- went to a new park, playing water table outside, playing on the swingset, going out to lunch, playing at Barnes and Noble, riding the mall carousel, and playing in their playroom.
 Watching Liam's soccer game
 Eating dinner with Dallie
 Baby Nora hanging out in the car
 Pres got to go to Bryn's dance class
 The big kids got to go to Kid Mania while the little ones napped one afternoon
 Playing trucks with Dallie
 All the babies!
 Stuffing Easter eggs for our hunt with our old playgroup
Presley and Emily planned an early birthday party while we were in town. Here is what Presley came up with for the invitation:
"Welcome to Presley's Birthday.  Come whenever you can because today is my early birthday party!  It's all Frozen so make sure you can come!  We are going to have pizza, popcorn for the movie, watch a movie in the movie room, take pictures, dancing, put on a show about dancing, read some books, and prizes like trucks and stickers.  You can wear pretty pants or a skirt." Love, Presley

So, we planned a Frozen celebration and it was wonderful! We had princess decorations and Freeze dancing to Frozen songs, then we made Olaf's out of candy. It was great and Presley had a ball!
Mallie made Presley's requests- lasagna with salad for dinner and apple cake for dessert. So glad our family got to celebrate her birthday together this year!
 Good Friday we had an Easter egg hunt with our old playgroup. I LOVE that I get to see these women and their children so often and that in a way, it's like we never left. It's such a great group of supportive, fun mom and such sweet kids! We miss them all so much! Thanks for always including us in the playdates :)
 Our trip also overlapped Tippy and Alex's visit for Easter. Tippy created an Easter scavenger hunt for the kids. Liam and Pres loved it and when they finished asked for another one... and Tippy delivered! They had a great time and I'm so glad we got to see them, too!
 Anna and I stayed home and had a date with Nora and Emily while the other kids all went to a Rough Riders baseball game with Mal, Dal, Nick, Alex and Tippy. It was nice to just have the babies and catch up with Emily. The kids had a great time at the baseball game! They feasted on cheeseburgers, chips, dippin dots and who knows what else!
 Watching the airplanes as we headed out of town. It was a great trip and I would not have traded being there for Amelia's first baby for anything!! The kids were so excited to get back home to see Cameron.
I remember when I flew in September how scared I was to have all the kids by myself on the plane, but I am proud to say, we have perfected flying together! They are all so great on the plane- stay in their seats and listen to directions. I am so grateful they are so well behaved or I definitely wouldn't attempt to fly with them by myself!