Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anna at 3 months

Anna turned 3 months old yesterday. She is growing too fast for me! Here is her birth announcement I sent out:
She is such a sweet, pretty easy baby. She has finally started eating every 2-3 hours (as opposed to 1.5 hours)! This is a welcome change for me! She only cat naps throughout the day and still isn't on a good nap schedule. She normally likes to take a morning nap, then another mid-afternoon nap. That's usually it until about 7, 7:30 when she and I snuggle in the chair when the other kids are in bed and she usually eats and goes right to sleep till about 9. She'll wake up to eat again, but go right back to sleep for the night. She's getting up about 3-4 times a night, not sure why this is getting worse than the 2 times she was getting up. I'm trying to give her her paci instead of feeding her, but she usually isn't happy about that. The silver lining is that she eats pretty quick and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes, she will sleep in in the mornings till 9am. 

She is starting to play and notice her toys more. Her favorites are her pink poodle and her lamb that I've attached to her car seat. I will hear her playing with them while we're driving. She loves to have the poodle on her belly when it shakes. She literally laughs out loud. I've also discovered she's very ticklish on the left side of her chin. She cracks up when I kiss her there or tickle her. She loves when we talk to her, especially Presley or David. I think her and David will be very close- he just adores her and kisses all over her!

She loves to hold her hands and suck on all her fingers. She will cover herself in slobber from sucking on her chunky little wrists. She is now wearing 3 month clothes, but some 6 months fit her pretty nicely, too and she's just moved in size 2 diapers. I haven't been giving her bottles lately cause it's just more work than I have time for. I know I will pay for this later when I need her to take one and I hope to get her used to them again.  We tried out the bumbo the other day and she did pretty well. 
Of course, little brother had to try it out, too!

Texas, Part 2

We continued to stay busy on our vacation. Mal and Lynn went with me to take the kids to the Perot museum one afternoon. I've heard so many great things about this place and had been wanting to take the kids- it did not disappoint. We all had a  ball! 
Racing a t-rex and cheetah- one of their favorite exhibits!
 Twirling like a ballerina- then you watch your video in slow motion compared to a professional ballerina.
Snack time in Anna's stroller
Driving robotic cars
 We met our old playgroup again Friday morning for some bowling. The kids had a great time! It was so nice to see all our friends!
 Wrestling with Dallie
 G came to visit us in Texas!  It was so nice to see her. 
 Dinner with Barrker's, Scholz's, G and Mallie and Dallie
 G brought everyone new Auburn outfits!
 The cutest cheerleader
 He refused to take a picture unless he was the one holding Anna- he is so independent these days!
 Doughnut holes on game day
 and they just happened to see the Dunkin car there!
 Making salad with Dallie
 Her first card game
 Presley and Liam's slumber party
 Presley and Liam went to our friend, Jackson, 5th birthday party at the bounce house!
 I've also been wanting to take the kids to the new aquarium in Grapevine. Mallie, Allison and Brenna joined us for a fun time!
We also got free admission to Legoland so we ventured over there to look around and the kids rode probably their first theme park-type ride.
 Spa day with Mallie! The girls got to have a bubble bath (with David) then got their nails painted.
 dinner the night before we left at our favorite sushi restaurant
 I was so grateful Mal got to go through security with us and help us back to our gate. I couldn't have done it without her!
 Watching the planes and ready to go home to see Daddy. The flight by myself actually went pretty well. It did take us a full hour to get from our gate to our car after diaper changes, Pres pottying, getting our luggage, getting to the shuttle then to our car where we had to wait for me to feed Anna, but we made it! The trip was worth the small hassle of flying alone with 3 kids :)
Since Daddy was still in the field, he left prizes for the kids at home- new motorcycle and bulldozer for David and a giant coloring book and crayons for Pres. They were sad to leave, but so excited to be back home and play with all their toys.
 dinner of champions since mommy didn't want to go to the store after flying and driving from Denver- cheerios and extra chick-fil-a nuggets.