Monday, December 15, 2008

Half Way there

Well, sorry it's been a while- we've been busy! I'm 21 weeks now and we go back to the dr. this Wednesday, even thogh we've been seeing lots more doctors these past few weeks than we ever thought. Between preparing for Christmas and the multiple trips to the ER now, it's been a full few weeks. As most of you know, my kidney stone episode over Thanksgiving was pretty miserable. I thought that would be the worst till this past Saturday. Cameron came home late Friday night from traveling and I started feeling the same back pain. The good husband he is, Cameron didn't take a unisom that night, in case he needed to drive me to the ER, which he did about 1am. We didn't get admitted this time because there's really nothing they can do except soothe my pain.... I've quickly become a fan of morphine- even though it scares me to death to think how horrible it is for the baby. I'm just trying to make a good decision now to keep getting by and I couldn't have gone on without something to help me that night. We were sent home about 5am and I proceeded to sleep the entire rest of the weekend away. Cameron's been a trooper and tried to sign us up for Frequent Flier miles at the hospital. Things are better now- we just have to pray the baby stays healthy throughout all this and that the kidney stones just takes care of itself.

We did celebrate Christmas with Mal and Dal this Sunday since we're going to B'ham next week and they're headed to Louisville. We had a great time, Cameron grilled some Christmas steaks and we had fun trading gifts and watching the boys battle over fantasy. Here's a pic of dad with our gift, the big bobber! You'll have to come over this summer and dad can now float drinks around the pool and not have to get out and run in the house for refills. We'll miss them and the rest of the fam at Christmas.

We did get a beautiful early Christmas gift from David and Lea. Here is our baby's beautiful little bassinet where she'll sleep in our room (hopefully for just a month or two). We love it and Lea even got us a pink sheet to go with it!! The cats have managed to sniff it out and jump in once or twice, but we're trying to really get on them so they know this is not a toy for them. Eventually, they'll be kicked out of our room at nighttime anyway, so we're working to ease them into that.... not sure how well that'll go over, but guess only time will tell.

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers while we go through this pregnancy and the unexpected hospital trips. We really appreciate it and need it now more than ever!! We continue to pray every day that she'll stay healthly and my problems will just take care of themselves in the next few days. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and stay safe if you're traveling! Merry Christmas!