Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life with Anna

We have had a fun week while our parents were in town. Anna is doing great! She got in her first card game with Mallie, Dallie, D, G, mommy and daddy one night. 
 Presley and David continue to be spoiled by having all their grandparents here and Daddy being off work. They went to play putt-putt one morning.
 Anna and I stayed home and out of the heat. 

Anna has been taking one really long afternoon nap. It has been at the same time as Presley and David's rest time for the past few days. If I could get all three of them to rest/nap together, that will be a huge victory for mama! 
 On Saturday, Cameron smoked some chicken and pork for dinner. It was delicious! David loved watching him cut the meat with the electric knife.
 Presley got a new leash for her stuffed dog, Sparkle, and now she walks him around the house all day.
 She continues to love on baby Anna every chance she gets! She kisses and hugs her all day and tells her bye when she leaves to go to bed or when she went to Vacation Bible School this week. David is very curious about the baby and does not like when she cries. He does love my nursing cover and peeking at her while she eats. He thinks it's time for him to play peek-a-boo.
 David tried to get in Mallie's suitcase to head back to TX. My parents left Sunday and Cameron's parents just left today. We miss them all already! It was so nice to have all the extra help with the kids and we're so glad they all got to come out and meet Anna right away. 
We headed to the mall this past weekend. Presley wanted to do three things while we were there: ride the train (she's been begging me for months to do!), throw a coin in the water fountain, and go to Build-a-Bear. She got to do all three and had a great afternoon! David liked the train when it passed him, but did not want to get on. He and Big D opted to tour the pet store instead and look at all the animals.
 Presley had Vacation Bible School at our church this week.  She was a little sad to go since D and G were still in town, but she's having a good time. We dropped her off one morning and went to the Garden of the Gods one morning.  It is a beautiful landmark and the view never gets old! We got to see a baby deer, too!
 Anna doesn't love her baths yet, but she loves the mirrors in our bathroom.  

 We went bowling yesterday afternoon.  Presley and David both loved it!
 It is officially me and three kids now during the day! It sure was nice to have Cameron home and all the help from our parents. I'm sure it'll be crazy at times, but we are so thankful for each of our kids and I love getting to watch them grow and try new things everyday!

The Grandparents Meet Anna

Anna is now 10 days old and doing great. After leaving the hospital, me, Presley and my dad all got the stomach bug that David had. I am so grateful Anna didn't get sick! 
D and G flew in Thursday afternoon to meet Anna. We were all so excited for them to get here! 
The kids enjoyed opening their presents from D and G, including a new 
car for David and a new dress-up outfit for Pres!
 We have had a great time with both sets of our parents in town. We have ventured out a few times with all 3 kids in tow! We went to our favorite breakfast place in the mountains one morning and the kids got to feed the ducks.
Presley went to a movie date with all four grandparents! Needless to say, she and David have been spoiled! She even got to eat her own big bucket of popcorn!
 Painting everyone pictures in her new painting book.
 Loving his new car!
On his fourth breakfast that morning... this kid loves to eat breakfast and enjoyed Mallie making eggs almost every morning she was here! He would start with Cheerios, then move to eggs, english muffins, a banana, and sometimes pancakes. 
At 5 days old, Anna weighs 7lbs, 2 oz, so she's back over her birth weight. She is nursing every 2 hours and sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches at night- I really don't think we could ask for more. She is taking good naps during the days and is a pretty happy baby. She has been getting so much love and gifts from all our family and friends. We can't wait for the rest of our families to get to meet her!