Monday, February 15, 2010

A Weekend with my G

Presley's G (Cameron's mom) came in town this weekend! Presley ended up getting a double ear infection in the middle of the night on Thursday. It was a rough few days, but she was back to normal by Sunday, thankfully! We didn't get out and do as much as we would've hoped, but we had a great visit with Lea. Presley loved spending her first Valentine's Day with her G.

Daddy and his Valentine!

Miss you, G!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This video is from a month ago (pre-haircut!!) I just love it, though... shows her little personality.

Santa brought Presley her very own crazy coupe! She loves when Dallie takes her around the house in her car.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 months old

Some of Presley's favorite things at 9 months old:
-her drumsticks from her band set
-her oatmeal, fruit jars, puffs, blueberries (she ate about 30 the other day)
-her friends (she now lights up when she sees them) It's so cool to see them recognizing each other.
-crawling. She gets into EVERYTHING!
-Her pink car (we drive it around the house most mornings)
-Liam. She loves playing with Cousin Liam. He teaches her all kinds of new things every day
-Bathtime- we love splashing the water everywhere
-She loves playing peekabo with Cameron, especially when she hasn't seen him in a few days if he's traveling
-The cats. She LOVES to chase the cats (they're not so amused)
-Just learned how to shake her head for yes and no...this could be bad.
-Loves to play with her tongue and pop

P and Liam both had blood drawn the other day, so they went together.
At dinner for Dallie's birthday. We went before her bed time, but she got a little tired at dinner and laid her head down on the table.

Liam and Emmy and the Super Bowl Party at Kerry and Caroline's house.
First time crawling through the tunnel at the mall... BFF Mia was there right behind her!!