Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Weekend

I have been really impressed with how kid-friendly Fort Benning is. There are tons of parks and lots of base activities like kindermusik, gymnastics, storytime, dance, soccer, etc. Last month, we went to the Bark in the Park... no, we didn't get a dog. Presley just loves to watch them and they served hot dogs and cookies. Last night, there was a safari zoo on base before the movie in the park. We couldn't do the movie because it starts after Presley is already in bed for the night, but we decided to go check out the zoo. They had a bunch of rescue animals in cages we could look at. Mine (and Presley's) probably favorite part was the food :) We had lots of popcorn, cotton candy and she had a snowcone.

Today we went to Dunkin Donuts, as usual Saturday routine. Then, we went to the Columbus museum and she played in the children's area. She had a big day and topped it off with "pink" (strawberry) ice cream at the PX. She's had quite a weekend!
We've been taking afternoon walks and riding on her new bike she got for her birthday. She loves wearing her helmet (probably because it has Lightning McQueen on it) and cruising the neighborhood.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We celebrated Easter Sunday (Presley's official birthday) in Birmingham. We had a lot of fun! She woke up to a basket with lots of exciting things inside. She loved opening the eggs and getting out candy.... she ate more than I realized that morning! Then, we headed to church and she actually sat quietly through most of the service. She discovered that we would let her leave if she said she had to potty so she did ask to go 3 times during the hour-long service, but otherwise, she behaved and was quiet. Then, we had lunch at the Smith's with Bulldog, Nana, Cheryl, David and Lea's sister and her children. It was a nice time and I ate 2 plates! I was glad to finally eat and it settled well! We let Presley nap there so we could visit longer with everyone and we headed back to Georgia when she woke up.

It was a fun, jam-packed weekend!

Putting the flower in the cross just like Cameron used to do when he was younger.

Time to hunt eggs!!

Modeling our new "heels" she got for her birthday present.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Presley's Birthday

Presley turned 2 on Easter Sunday this year!! We celebrated by going to Birmingham for the long weekend and staying with Cameron's parents. Presley loves the zoo so we took her there on Saturday with all Cameron's family. She had a BALL! Right when we got there, she started listing all the animals she was going to see that day and the noises they make. It was great to see her so excited. After the zoo, we went to the Smith's and had pizza and cupcakes. She was WAY excited about the pizza and practically inhaled her 2 pieces! We went to Party City a few weeks ago and she picked out a Lightning McQueen/Dinosaur themed party. We had a Lightning McQueen banner, plates and dinosaur toppers on the cupcakes. I think she had a wonderful birthday!
Getting a snack with Caden

When we were singing happy birthday, she burst out into tears... I think it was a combination of a lot of people watching her, being pretty tired from the zoo and late for her nap.
She perked right up for her presents, though!

Happy Birthday, Presley!! I cannot believe you are 2 years old! Your mommy and daddy love you so much!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Smith #2

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second baby. I wish I could post our ultrasound pictures from today on here, but we don't have our scanner/printer set up. We got to see the baby and he/she was moving all around for part of the pictures. We were able to see the two halves of the brain, the knees, feet and hands and hear the heartbeat.

Presley went to see the ultrasound and was a little distracted while we were all watching the computer screen. We told her that was the baby and she said it was her baby brother... guess we'll see! She goes back and forth on that a lot. Usually, she says it's a baby sister, though. We will definitely be finding out what we're having around 18-22 weeks.

I've been pretty nauseous, but hoping that goes away really soon. Shockingly, all that sounds good is chocolate and carbs. Poor Presley watches me eat a Snicker bar almost daily each morning. She asks for bites and I tell her it's mommy's medicine... I feel horrible, but literally it's all I can stomach first thing in the morning. Once I get something in my stomach, I feel a lot better. I'm almost 12 weeks so we're excited to be moving into the second trimester and hoping all the nausea is gone soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mallie and Dallie come to visit!!

My parents came to visit this weekend. We really had a great time and are SO sad they left this morning! We celebrated Presley's 2nd birthday (a week early), went to Auburn for the A-Day scrimmage game, ate out at some new restaurants, played outside a lot and showed them all around the base. I'm really glad they came out to see our new house. Presley was beyond excited to wake them up every morning! She loved having them here and I'm really glad we have our trip back home already booked so it won't be too long till we see them again.
She got her birthday presents the first morning they were here.... boy, was she excited!
Nick, Emily, Liam and Bryn got her this cool car ramp and Lightning McQueen and Mater cars. She LOVED them!
Mallie got her a special doll named Abby. Presley usually calls her Baby, but is warming up to the name Abby.
Grandma Debbie got Presley another precious outfit!! and this wooden apple pie. She's been a baking machine with this pie! Thanks, Grandma Debbie!!
We had a ball playing outside a lot of the weekend. The weather has been really nice here!

We went to Auburn on Saturday for the A-Day scrimmage game. It was Presley's first time to visit Auburn and first (of many) stadium experiences. The game was at 3pm our time... needless to say, Presley did not take a nap that day. She got so excited in the stadium watching Aubie and having fun with all our family and friends who were there. Thank you to Tippy and Alex for this adorable outfit they gave Presley. It arrived just in time for her to wear it to A-Day!

We had a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard when we got back that afternoon. She closed her eyes while we would hide the eggs.

We celebrated her birthday Sunday night by grilling out and eating special cupcakes Mallie and Mommy made for Pres.

We had a really fun weekend and can't wait for Mallie and Dallie to visit again. We're excited for Easter this weekend, spending time with everyone in Birmingham and Presley's actual birthday Sunday!