Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Shocked Presley didn't cry this year. She did so good.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mallie's Visit and Christmas Time

We have had a busy few weeks!! Mallie came to visit us while Dallie was in Germany. We have had so much fun and have gotten so much done! I had a long list of things I needed to do while she was here and we ran ourselves ragged completing that list. I'm happy to say the Christmas shopping is done, PHEW!  Here's some pictures of our week:
 Mallie bought Presley a princess domino game and they have played several times. Presley told her, "This is the best game ever." I loved watching her learn and get excited to play.
 St. Nick came to visit us this week before school. Baby David got a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer book that Presley has thoroughly enjoyed reading. She got a Mater Christmas book.
 And she helped David open his stocking.
 They got ornaments from their collection with their books.
 We set aside Wednesday to bake cookies with Mallie. Presley was a big help in the kitchen! She tried pouring the peanut butter into the mixer. She told us while she was baking that her legs needed to go night-night... think she stood too long in the chair to see the counter.

 Here is what Baby David was doing while we were baking... sweet little boy didn't want to lay down in his bed during the activities so he was in the vibrating chair in the kitchen with us.

 Enjoying the fruits of her labor.
 My sweet little man is starting to talk and smile more and more!

 We got our Christmas tree on Monday so we decorated it this week.  Presley hung her and David's new ornaments.

 Presley had her school program this morning. Grandmom came down the night before to go with us.

 Here's all the 2 year olds getting ready to sing.
 My sweet girl did such a great job!! She knew every word and every motion.

They kept all the kids on the stage afterward so we could take pictures. I am so thankful for her school.  It has been a great experience for her.

 Tonight, we went to see Santa parachute in to the fields at Fort Benning. It was really cool! The pictures are blurry, but there was 6 parachuters with gold flares coming off their uniforms when they jumped.

 We waited in line to visit with the Santa and all the other elf parachutists.
All year Presley has told us that she doesn't want to see Santa. We don't have a great history with pictures on Santa's lap, but this year she did great!! When it was our turn, she hesitated so I plopped her up there on his lap and told her to tell him what she wanted. He gave her a candy cane and that got her talking. She screamed, a dollhouse and a castle!
 She didn't smile, but I am thrilled with these pictures!!
 I wish David had been able to get his picture, too, but it was too cold. Thankfully, Mallie took him to sit in the car to warm up... it was a little too cold outside for him to wait in line with us.
 Cameron and Mallie, then, took Presley to the housing office tonight to see Santa, Mrs. Claure and reindeer.

 They ran into Presley's friend, Logan, and his family.

It's been a fun week!! We are sad Mallie is leaving tomorrow afternoon, but G and D are coming to town so that will be fun! We cannot wait for Christmas in a few weeks!