Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anna's Baptism

Anna was baptized this morning at our church, Sunrise United Methodist. We wish our family could have been there, but it was still a very special day for her.  We are very grateful to have such a supportive and generous church community.
 Anna did great and only fussed a bit when the pastor held her. I am so glad she was able to wear the same dress and me, my sisters and nieces! Felt like family was there in spirit.  Presley and David were very well behaved. David snacked a good bit during the rest of church and took a seat on the altar stairs while Anna was being baptized, but I was very proud of both of them. 
The bonnet is a little snug on her head. 
 Congratulations, Anna!! What a special day!

Spring Break

I was really looking forward to Presley's Spring Break this year and planning some fun activities for us. I was excited because I know once she starts kindergarten in the Fall, I won't get to have this play time with her throughout the day.  Friday - Pres was off school so we hit the zoo, Hobby Lobby then Olive Garden for dinner. Cameron went to Vegas with Nick and Daniel for Daniel's Baby Moon so the kids and I had a fun weekend. Saturday- it snowed most of the day so we just ran to Costco then back home. Sunday- we played in the snow!! Anna was not amused...
Monday we enjoyed a fun day with Daddy being off work. We played outside, watched a movie and got some housework done in preparation for our move this summer.  
Tuesday I took the kids hiking to Garden of the Gods. 
 Pikes Peak in the background
 We went over to the Trading Post where David hugged the bear...
 We stopped and got cheeseburgers on the way home. Both kids LOVE cheeseburgers!
 We played pin the nose on Olaf. It was supposed to be a surprise for her birthday, but I didn't really hide it well...
 Wednesday we had a dentist appointment, then Presley's friend come over to play. I wish I had taken pictures of them, Presley and Nora acted out the entire Frozen movie, with amazing details, while dressed as Elsa and Anna. I'm so glad she has a friend who is into Frozen as much as she is. It was really cute.

Thursday we went over to a friend's house and played with their chickens, baby ducks, baby geese and baby turkeys. Presley fell in love with the turkeys. We played outside and the girls did some painting. 

Friday we went to the Denver Aquarium with Julie, Sammy and Cora. It was a lot of fun and Pres was so excited we got to see the mermaids while we were there. Anna was not amused as I tried to feed her a jar of baby food as we toured the aquarium, but we made it work. She and her babu were covered in peaches by the time it was all said and done. We had a great time, though! We were all exhausted when we got back home.
 That night we put on our cardinal bird gear to cheer for the Louisville basketball team.
 Cameron had the kids Thursday night while I went out to a coffee and taught Anna how to high-five. It's her new favorite trick!
 Saturday we went to hike at Bear Creek. It's such a neat place with lots of trails. All of kids love to be outside and I'm so glad spring is finally here!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Anna turned 9 months last weekend! I cannot believe how fast she has grown. At her checkup, she weighed 17lbs, 12oz, she is 26.6" long and head circumference of 44.5 cm. She has the cutest chunky thighs and belly. She is such a happy girl! She talks all day and tries to say every word she hears. Her favorites are dada, puff puff, choo choo and david! Still not able to say mama, but I'm not going to take it personally. She is sleeping great, sometimes through the night, sometimes waking up at 5am to eat. She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 pm and usually wakes up from 7-8am. She takes 1-2 naps a day around noon or 2pm. It really just depends on where we are- if we're out and about or home. She's a very flexible, happy baby! She is always smiling at people when we're out and very easy to please. She is eating great. She doesn't love jars, but would rather eat what we have. I haven't branched out too much with her food, but she enjoys kiwi, blueberries- really any fruit! Bread, soft veggies, especially broccoli. Her favorite is still puffs! And both the older kids always ask to share them with her! She is eating 3 meals a day with us in her highchair. She is doing great socially- loves being talked to and loves when Presley and David are playing with her. She is such a joy and I am loving this age!!

Presley has graduated from her GI Doctor! We have fought these battles since she was 2, but we finally found a great pediatric doctor here in Colorado Springs. He has been so thorough and attentive to all her issues and after a year, we are finished seeing him. I'm so glad that she no longer complains of tummy aches and that we finally have a good plan of attack to keep her that way!  Presley's been very busy coloring lately. She has made all of the family shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day that she designed, drew, cut out and decorated. I love how into crafts she is. We just leave her coloring books and crayons out on the coffee table and she colors pretty much all day. She also loves to just draw things she sees and brings them to surprise us, especially David. I hope she always stays so creative!

David continues to be my independent 2 year old! He thinks and tries to do everything that Presley does- which now includes clearing his dishes from the table and helping with chores. Sometimes, it's more work letting him do it, but I'm trying to give him a chance. He has found a new love of TV and movies, just like Presley. His favorites are Chuggington, Despicable Me and Frozen :)  He begs every morning for Chuggington and goes to sleep wanting his Blue choo choo story.  He continues to surprise me with how much actually sinks in during the day cause sometimes he's so busy, I just don't think he's paying attention. He asked to say prayers the other night before dinner and repeated our normal blessing that Presley always says. He continues to surprise me with this stuff. He's such a smart little boy! He has grown a few inches the past month and is finally outgrowing his 18 month clothes.

Here's some pictures of what we've been up to!
Making a long line of David's trucks
puff puff
 I think we are finally over our fear of characters... Although David would not go near Mickey. We went to the mall to watch Presley's dance studio perform at an event last weekend. She loves watching the older girls dance. 
 She rarely falls asleep on me anymore. She usually fights when I rock her that she's been going to sleep on her own upstairs. I know this is a good milestone for her, but it makes me sad that my days of rocking her to sleep are almost over.
 St. Patrick's Day shirt that Presley wore. 
 Clearing his plate
 playing with her first doughnut hole
 She wants them so bad... soon!
 Her drawing of Mickey Mouse that she made for David.
 These two share puffs and play while Presley is in dance class.
 Castle she made and glued together with Elsa up in the top
 I had a busy day pushing these 3 at the park!
 LOVE his smile and infectious laugh!! This was his reaction when "Do you want to build a snowman" came on in the movie. It's his favorite song. He asks me to sing it to him all the time.
 Still love doughnuts!
 Cameron went to Vegas on a Baby Moon for Daniel so I took the kids to the zoo one morning. One of the things I will so miss about Colorado is our great zoo!!
 Anna passed out while we were strolling the zoo
 Today they played doll house together. Presley used to beg me to play dollhouse every night after she got it for Christmas one year. I can't wait for them to play together!
Making a mustache with his french fry at Cracker Barrell the other night.
I don't know what I would do without these 3! They are my life and I have so much fun playing with them every day! While it's exhausting some days, it's so much fun watching them learn and interact and grow. I am looking forward to Presley's spring break next week and doing some fun activities with them!