Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Charleston Aquarium

This should be my last post from the wedding weekend in Charleston.  Thanks to Tippy for taking all these pictures for me.  We had some downtime after a big brunch Thursday morning so I decided to take the kids to the aquarium. Alex and Tippy joined us.  Presley had a BALL!! David loved following the fish in the tanks, too!
Catching some crabs with Uncle Alex. She would drive the boat and made him lift the crab gear.
Looking for dolphins 
The otters were her favorite

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daniel and Amelia's Wedding

Here's a bunch of the pictures from the wedding. They are out of order and I'm too lazy right now to move them around.  It was a beautiful wedding!! 
Me and my beautiful girl
Practice run
Best father-in-law ever!! He held David most of the night!
Picking out which of the 10 cakes she was going to have first
Walking down the aisle
Best mother-in-law in the world! They had both kids all night and I'm so thankful!! We really got to enjoy the wedding!
Me and Alyson and Ellyn Scholz
View after the ceremony! We were right on the water, it was a gorgeous setting!
Dinner Thursday night, playing patty-cake
Before heading to the ceremony on Saturday.
Olivia and Max were wonderful with the kids! They would hide under these tables in the hospitality room and play makeup and hair. Presley loved it!
So precious!!
Rehearsal dinner
Renfro Girls at Rehearsal Dinner
Amelia and her men at the Rehearsal Dinner
Practicing walking down the aisle on Thursday night.
Baby David crashed the Bridesmaids Luncheon Friday morning.
The boys table at the rehearsal dinner

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cameron's Change of Command

 Cameron changed out of command yesterday.  He did a really good job the past 7 months!  We're proud of you, dada! 
Getting an award from the SCo
 The new commander
  The kids both went with us to the ceremony and were wonderful! Presley wouldn't look anyone in the eye, but they were both quiet and watched.  She got a rose and could not have been more thrilled. "It's just like belle's" she told me.