Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day... a few weeks late

I am very late posting about our Valentine's Day.... it's been a busy, quick month!  I can't believe February is almost over.  Cameron is still working crazy long hours and every Saturday. We are SO looking forward to him starting the career course later in March and being home more. This job has been pretty demanding, but we've made some good friends and learned a lot. He got farewelled last night at a dinner at the Colonel's house. It was a Mardi Gras theme and actually a lot of fun. We had our first ever paid babysitter come over to watch BOTH kids. I completely trusted her and it was nice to know we have someone here if we need them (plus, we were only 2 minutes away so that made it a lot easier).  The kids did pretty well, she even got David asleep. He was not happy, though, when he woke up. He's definitely a mommy's boy!

I'll get back to Valentine's Day... we had a party at Presley's school, then a family party that night. Pres helped me make daddy's favorite, chicken parm for dinner. She got lots of packages in the mail! Thank you, family! She loves getting mail, especially packages and cards that have princesses on them. I wish I could remember exactly what she said opening the cards, but she loved them all!
 These are the contents of G and D's package. She LOVED all of it. She named the monkey Sam, then changed it to Emmalynn, her friend from school.
  Mallie had this oneside made especially for our second child. It fits him perfectly!
 Here's her school party.
 Singing a song about love and doing the motions.
 Making her valentine's day cookie.
 Playing musical chairs. She actually did pretty well, but did not want to leave when she got out. She had on a cute pink dress, but this is the green "princess" dress she wears everyday when she gets to school.   Her teacher said she takes off to go potty and she'll put it right back on.
 My happy boy!!
 Her treats from Mallie and Logan. The Belle t-shirt was a huge hit! It's a little 80's for my taste, but she loves it and would wear it everyday if I let her.
 We went to D and G's house later that week. Cameron had to go in the field for 10 days and I was headed to Vegas for the weekend for Amelia and Daniel's bachelor/bachelorette party. I really appreciate D and G keeping the kids!  I had a blast in Vegas! It was fun getting to see my sisters and all our friends! I can't believe their wedding is in 2 weeks... going to be so fun to see all the family!
Pres and David had a fun weekend in Birmingham! They got to hang out with Craig, Charelette, Caden and Grandmom.  Thank you, everyone, for all your help with the kids. It was so hard to leave them, but it was so comforting to know they were so well taken care of!
 Wearing one of Cameron's old t-shirts
 Went to the dr this morning, another ear infection :( Nothing a day of snuggling and movie watching can't fix.

Friday, February 10, 2012

3 months and almost 3 years

First, I'll update on Presley. She is going to be 3 in April. She acts like such a big kid. She listens so well and rarely loses her TV shows or goes to time out these days. That makes me VERY happy since the 2's started off kind of rough. She is so loving and maternal toward David. If he wakes up from his nap crying, she panics and runs in his room and starts talking to him. It immediately calms him down and he usually starts talking back... precious! 

She is very into the Disney princesses... they consume everything she does! She puts on her princess lips all day long (little princess chapsticks she got from Santa with a different princess on each), she woke up from her nap the other day telling me her stepmother was evil to her, but the king was nice to her.  Last night, she put on all her princess gear (tiara, dress, wand, "glass" slippers) and had me introduce her "Ladies and Gentlemen, Princess Presley" then she told me her name was Cinderella and she was going to teach me how to dance.  She is so girly and I really was not expecting this, but it's hilarious. This morning, she told me she needed to put on her princess dress so she could get married. When I asked who she was going to marry, she told me the king.  She told Cameron last night that she got married at school.  I'm not sure where this fascination with marriage came from, but I can only assume she's heard it from the princess stories. What is funny is she's never even seen Cinderella, the movie she seems to reenact the most. She just watched Alladin when we were in Birmingham for the circus and Jasmine is quickly becoming one of her favorite princesses. I still think Belle is on top, though.  

Her teacher told me that she keeps on the princess dress at school from the moment at drop off till pick up. The other day I laughed cause her friend Emmalynn arrived before us and was already dressed up in her princess dress and she said "Presley, here's your princess dress." She had it all laid out ready for Presley. We've started going to the water fountain at their school after pick up and the kids all run around. Presley loves this new activity and calls it the waterfall and the water mountain. 

Baby David just turned 3 months old last week. I can't believe how fast he is growing. I wish I knew how much he weighed, but we don't go back till 4 months. He's starting to get rolls in his thighs and wrists.  His head seems to have grown a lot, too! He isn't rolling over completely yet, but he will roll onto both of his sides and spin circles in his bed at night. He's still in the pack and play in our room. Partly because I like him being right there and listening to him breathe all night and partially cause the nightvision isn't working on our monitor and I really want to be able to see him at night. I just discovered it wasn't working this week, though, so I really haven't even considered moving him to his bed till this week. I'll do it soon, though. He is starting to get a good routine during the day. He still eats every 2 hours, then takes a nap an hour after he eats. He takes a bottle great when I give him one (just slow). He talks a lot, especially right after he eats. He still sucks on his wrists and arms a lot, I think this comforts him. He really only wants the pacifier when he's trying to get down for a nap. He doesn't even use it in the middle of the night. He still gets up 2 times a night, rarely 3 times and last night was once! He's very unpredictable through the night, but at least we get some nights with a good stretch between feedings.  He loves to watch Presley and will smile at her when she sings or talks to him. He loves to hold my hand when he's trying to go to sleep. It's really sweet and reminds me of my cousin, Max, who used to hold his mom's finger when he was going to sleep. He loves when I rub his wrist and he loves to be sung to while I rock him for naps and nighttime.  We've also started reading books with Presley before her naptime. We all lay down in her bed and he will stare at the books. I swear he really focuses on the book. I think he's going to love reading like Pres and all our neices and nephews.    Here's some recent pictures. I'm still not taking a lot cause I just don't have enough hands during the day to hold the camera too. Cameron is still working long, crazy hours and usually every Saturday. We are really looking forward to March when he will start the Career Course and have a lot more time at home!
Pres doing tummy time with him
 Reading books at naptime one day
 These are all the animals Presley sleeps with daily! It's getting out of control!
This is how I found her last night in her room, digging through her dress up chest.