Monday, January 31, 2011

Potty Training

I completely forgot to blog about Presley's potty training! We trained her the first week in December and she has been in underwear ever since! On her 18 month birthday, she asked Cameron to go potty. We put her up there and she went. For about a month, we let her sit up there and she'd go a few times a day. Well, I finally bit the bullet when we got home after Thanksgiving and trained her. She looks SO cute in the tiny Minnie Mouse and Disney underwear. She picks out a pair each morning. I would post a picture of her in her undies, but her daddy has requested that not be blast out in cyberspace... understandable! This milestone definitely makes me feel like she's officially a little girl, no longer a baby. We are so very proud of her, though. She is such a wonderful little girl. We could not be more blessed!

Here's some other recent pictures:
Bryn was baptized on Jan. 16 and Cameron and I were asked to be her godparents. We were so excited and happy to be able to experience this milestone in her life. She is such a sweet, little baby. We can't wait to watch her continue to grow.

Afterward, we went to the Barker's house for the party.
Presley truly loves Bryn. She always points to pictures of other babies and calls them "Bryn." We talk about Bryn all day!
We have a great tradition with our playgroup- every Tuesday we meet for coffee when it's nice outside, then walk to storytime. Bryn has started going to storytime, too! We always hang out in the room afterward and catch up with our friends while the kids burn off some energy. I really do look forward to Tuesdays. Presley LOVES storytime, I mean I can't explain how much she loves it... mostly cause of the dancing and singing, but she's even started to sit and really listen to the books which makes me happy.

Liam had a big milestone this month- he got his first haircut! So, I decided Pres could use a trim, too. They sat in chairs across from each other and both did so good. Liam's hair looks so grown-up and little boyish. He still kept the curls, too!

Pres and Bryn in their matching outfits. About 10 seconds after this picture, Presley moved real fast and poor Bryn landed on the pillow. We're going to have to work on handling babies before she can officially babysit Bryn.

Friday, January 14, 2011

National Champions

Cameron and I went to Phoenix last weekend for the Auburn vs. Oregon National Championship game. It was an incredible experience and we were so thankful my parents could watch Presley so we were able to go. It felt like college all over again (except that my 5 best friends from Auburn couldn't make it). We got to see so many people we haven't seen in forever. And best of all, we got to cheer our Auburn Tigers to a victory!! It was an awesome atmosphere and we were so glad to be a part of it.
Today is our 5th anniversary! I cannot believe it's been 5 years since our wedding. I still vividly remember certain parts of our wedding and reception. It has been a wonderful 5 years...we have been very blessed. I can't wait to see what the next 5 hold.
We ran into Cameron's cousin, Brent, while in Phoenix at a bar.
Tailgating before the game. These are all Cameron's fraternity brothers.
After the game. It gets really cold in the desert when the sun goes down...
War Eagle!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year!!! It was our first Christmas in Texas.
We had Christmas Eve dinner at Emily and Nick's house. We exchanged sibling gifts here. We have a WONDERFUL dinner that Emily prepared... who knew she could cook standing rib roast?? It was delicious and we all "respected" the meat :)

We stayed for a while and played some games.

We also had a Christmas pajama playdate with our friends. It was so much fun... we brought back Presley's pig tails. Her hair has gotten longer since we did this last.

Then, we also tried her
first ponytail!! I LOVED IT!

Mom found these outfits that Alex and Amelia wore when they were 2. They fit Presley and Liam really well.
Christmas morning, Presley woke up around 7:15. Mal, Dal, Alex and Amelia came over to watch her open gifts. She didn't quite know what to do.... she didn't really play with her toys until she was really sure they were hers. Her face was so funny! We had tea and croissants and lots of coffee. Then, the gang headed to watch Liam and Bryn open while we got ready for brunch at our house with everyone.

After brunch, we went to Mom and Dad's house. We opened all our gifts from them while the kids napped. Then, they did gifts when they woke up. Here is Presley modeling her new hat and apron for her kitchen.

She wore her cinderella dress the rest of the day! She loved standing on her new stool to model her dress. Quite the princess attitude!

We left on Monday morning to fly to Birmingham and have Christmas with all the Smith's. Presley loved having more presents to open. These were some of her favorite gifts from Lea and David- the Grinch and Max stuffed animals. They are now regulars in her crib for naps and nighttime.

We had such a great time in Birmingham. Presley and Caden got to play every day and had a blast together... it's so much fun seeing them interact now that they can actually play and interact with each other. They are too funny. They loved being chased around the kitchen, dining and living room in a circle.

They also loved playing the piano!!!

We had a playdate with all Lea's friends and their grandbabies. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids. They are all so cute and played really sweetly with each other. Presley was of course thrilled because they served ice cream and cupcakes :) Definitely the key to her heart. I think this was the picture when she looked at me and said "Happy."

Grandmom came to the playdate too! We loved playing with her. Presley is definitely at the age where she remembers seeing everyone and their names. It was so nice to see her interact immediately with everyone and not needing her "warm up" period. She loves all her family!!

Posing with Uncle Craig!! She had lots of fun getting Uncle Craig to give her treats and show her the cat.

Thanks, David and Lea, for everything! We had a wonderful trip!! We can't wait to see Rere, Craig, Charelette and everyone next time!!