Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Moving

Recently, Cameron got orders to get back in the Army. It was a very bittersweet thing for us.... and something we always thought was a possibility. It's sweet because Cameron and I really enjoyed our time in the Army (minus the two deployments of course). We made some wonderful friends and experienced things we never would have without this career path. I have such a great appreciation for all our military after experiencing life near an Army base and meeting so many wonderful people who all are sacrificing so much for their country and others. I am honored to be part of the Army again and contribute what I can while Cameron is serving. It's also sweet because we will be very close to Cameron's family again. I look forward to Presley and Caden getting to play more often and share so many new experiences together.

It's a bitter thing because my whole family now lives in Dallas. It has been so wonderful to have all my siblings and their significant others here. We have been so spread out for so long, it's been so wonderful to do things together again and be such a big part of each other's lives. It's also sad because Presley and Liam have really gotten to grow up together this past year. They act like brother and sister (and fight like brother and sister). I love more than anything watching them hug and tell each other "I love you." They really love playing and ask for each other constantly... we usually play with them daily if possible. I missed growing up near my cousins and was looking forward to watching Liam, Pres and Bryn get to experience that. I also love watching Mallie and Dallie with Presley and her expressing her love for them. I am so very thankful that I have such a wonderful family.... especially during this transition in our lives. It is so nice to know that they all support us and recognize the sacrifice we are making. It is not an easy career, but I know this is a good choice for our family.

Mallie, Dallie, Emily and Nick threw us a really fun going away party last weekend. It was a great time to get to say goodbye to the friends we've made while living in Texas. We are going to miss all of you so much!! You all mean so much to us and we are so appreciative for all your support and extremely thankful for your friendship!

To all my playgroup friends, you all mean so much to me! I am so thankful I have had you in my life! You are all such wonderful friends and mothers. Your friendship means the world to me. Thank you for treating Presley like one of your own and welcoming us into the playgroup! We are going to miss all of you more than you will ever know!

And a HUGE thank you to Emily... I absolutely love the book you made for Presley of all her playgroup friends. It is such a great compilation of our group and each special child and their family. It makes me sad to think she's too young to remember a lot of our time in Texas because she has had so many wonderful experiences here. I can't wait to remind her of all the fun we've had... from coffee and storytime to park and home playdates- we have loved every activity!! Thank you all for being such wonderful, creative moms and making our playdates so much fun.

We had a very special Valentine's Day this year. Presley, Liam and Bryn got to spend a morning with Mallie. We went to gymnastics, then lunch out, ice cream and two carousel rides at the mall. They had a ball and Presley crashed that afternoon. Thank you, Mallie, for making our Valentine's Day so special! We are going to miss our mid-day playdates with you, but we will be back to visit often, I promise!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodbye to the Denney's and Gymnastics

Our best friends, John and Libby, are moving to Germany at the end of the month with the Army. We are going to miss them SO much!! We went down to visit them one last time at Fort Hood. This is their little girl, Parker. It was such a great visit cause both the girls are now old enough to interact and play with each other.

Presley and Liam got a certificate for a free month of gymnastics so we started the lessons earlier this month. Mallie found the perfect leotard for Presley!! I wasn't expecting her to really catch on in these classes, but she has absolutely loved them! She listens pretty well to the coach and is learning flips, handstands and balance beam. It's a mommy and me class so we get to assist with each activity. I love watching her get excited to see the new group of friends and her coach and do each activity as he instructs.

Catching Up

Oh I feel like I'm so behind on blogging.... to start we celebrated Emily's 30th birthday in Austin. We took all the siblings and had a really fun night out downtown! Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have, but it was a really fun night!
After that weekend, we got snowed in for a solid week. Then, again for 3 days the next week. It was nice to spend the week in our jammies, but it got old after 2 days. We spent lots of time watching movies, playing Mr. Potatohead, kitchen, and breaking in all of Presley's other toys. We managed to sneak out of our house and move to Mallie and Dallie's after 5 days in our house. It was so nice to see the outside world and some new faces. Liam, Nick, Emily and Bryn even came over to play for a bit. Here's Liam playing Doctor to Pres.
We also celebrated Dallie's birthday. Pres and Liam enjoyed blowing out the candles on Dallie's behalf.

Presley played beauty shop and used the same sponge rollers that Emily, Amelia and I all used growing up. She looked precious, and we didn't make her sleep in them like we had to.
My cousin, Brittany, and her husband, Sam, came in town for work and the Superbowl. It was a lot of fun spending the day with them. They got to play with Presley and Liam and attend our gymnastics class. It was so nice to be able to catch up with them!