Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back to School 2016

We came home from the Beach just in time for Vacation Bible School and then Presley to start 2nd Grade. I wish the summer hadn't gone by so fast, but we crammed a lot in. It was nice not moving this summer, since we have the past 3 years. We got to participate in camps and have lots of good family and friend time at the pool.  Presley has been bonding with Phil so much. 
Kids being silly playing on the old mattresses we were replacing.
Going to get a Starbucks treat was the last thing on our Summer Bucket List. 
We had lots more playtime in the water outside in the afternoons.
The girls were being silly while we shopped for David's baseball gear. He got to move up to the coach pitch league after participating in a clinic on post.
Playing with mommy while I'm exercising
Vacation Bible School. I love that she loves this every year. This year was way more fun for her cause she knew lots of people.
They loved the Cave Quest theme
Baseball Clinic on post. He was BY FAR the youngest (by like 10 years) but he participated and loved every minute of it. Even asking the coach to hit him a pop fly by the end of it. It was nightly for 2 hours and he never complained about the heat or being tired and hungry. He is a tough kid and won the hearts of the coach and all the other kids. The first day he flipped tires and tore his fingers up bad... but again, didn't complain. He stretched and participated and loved every minute of it.
He even hit off a pitching machine one night. I was so proud of him and love that he's found something he really enjoys.
Before Pres started back to school one day, they read while Anna napped. It was SO nice having her home every day this summer. I truly was not ready to send her back to school. I enjoyed every day with my three babies. They really experienced a lot this summer and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities they've been given. We had a long bucket list and we did every thing on it. 
 A sign of things to come... home so dirty and dusty from baseball
Being silly with Bobby after dropping off their sisters at VBS.
A cousin pic from when we were in Texas. So precious... all of them!
We did manage to do some homework and studying this summer. Anna and David's handwriting has improved so much and they both know how to spell their names.
We got to celebrate Bobby's Baptism!
And play lots of dress up... Count Dracula
Then, she started school..... I miss her so much everyday, but she is thriving! Thankfully, she got a great teacher who genuinely loves to teach. She has a great classroom and some wonderful friends. Even though it's her third school in three years, she is trucking right along and doing great! I could not be more proud!
We also celebrated Daddy's birthday the day Pres started school. He turned 35 this year. I tried to make it very special, even though it was during a weekday when he had to work. We got hot Dunkin Donuts coffee, then me and David and Anna took him up lunch. We had a great dinner and his favorite cupcakes and brownie sundaes for dessert. 
Presley painted him a new canvas all on her own
I planned a dinner out with 7 couples who are our closest friends here at Benning. It was a really fun night that resulted in all of us calling our babysitters to tell them we'd be late. We had a great time!
He looks so grown up here...
Anna and David go to go to Meet their Teachers also at a new school
Presley decided she was too grown up to go to the USO Sesame Street show this year so I took David and Anna.  David tried to act too cool until they handed out these toys. Then, he was all into it again.
Anna and Ruthie, our neighbor, tried their best to meet Elmo.
The Village crew hanging out one night.
We went to Auburn for Fan Day. It was fun, but so hot. It's been a lot of fun for me and Cameron to take the kids to Auburn and see them enjoy it like we do.
Then, we came home and they started preschool. Anna goes 3 days a week and David goes 5 days to pre-k at St. Luke's. I hated switching their preschool but this school is a great fit for them. They are both doing well and David is excelling. Anna likes it most days, but she's learning a lot and has great teachers. David is so quiet at school that his teachers don't believe he's such a wild, talkative man at home. I'm so pleased I was able to get them into such a great school. I love hearing about their days. I miss them and had a lot of anxiety about the three days I'd be home by myself, but they're doing great and the time really does fly by!
When did they all get so big??