Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving morning, we got a box of joe and hung out in our condo for the morning. The kids watched the parade, I started some Christmas shopping and we rested after the busy week. 
 Dallie gave Cameron his old Disney shirt from when we went as kids.
 David and I played putt putt on the condo property. He was so excited to play!
 We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the Orleans Riverside hotel in a Cajun restaurant. It was delicious and nice to celebrate while on vacation.
 After Disney, we headed to Birmingham to meet baby Bowen. He is so precious and already growing so fast. 
All the sweet cousins
 I made Christmas pjs for all the cousins on my side. They turned out pretty cute.
 The kids fought each morning for who got to put the ornament on the tree, put the cotton on Santa's beard and who moved the mouse each day. It was so hard to keep up who got what job each morning so eventually David was the only one who kept remembering to move them and kept it up. He was Mr. Christmas this year - sang carols all day, wore his elf hat, they all got into the season and it was awesome to see. 

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